Download – Israel – The Holy Land Journey DVD


“Holy Land Journey” is a fabulous journey back in time in which all the sights, sounds and important events from the biblical times up to modern Israel are retraced from the footsteps of the Children of Israel, the locations where Jesus sojourned and preached, to the sites of his arrest, crucifixion, and burial, through the Roman, Crusader, Turkish, and British occupations, right up into modern Israeli life. “Holy Land Journey” Film turns the printed text into a living one so that you can not only now imagine it, but actually experience it. This spectacular 2-hour film makes the sights and sounds of the Holy Land come alive. Exciting and informative, Holyland Journey carries you on a journey back in time and retraces from Genesis to Jesus up until today all of the important places and events in the Bible. The DVD’s interactive menu allows you to jump directly to over 90 sites in the Holyland and the Hashemite Kingom of Jordan.

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