5 tips for time management when doing the English test

The structure of the IELTS Reading test is to read three sections to answer 40 questions in 60 minutes. Tips will help the examiner use good time when doing the test.
Preview the question

Read through the questions before you start reading the passage. Questions will outline the content, help you read faster because you can imagine what you will read before. Of course, you should not immediately answer the question without reading the passage.

Read in turn from introduction, conclusion, and body

This way of reading will help you understand the body better. Especially when you do not necessarily read the entire paragraph in the body.

Surveys (do not read each sentence)

The next IELTS Reading Tip is to surf. Surfing is a quick read to get the whole point of the paragraph. The best technique is to keep your eyes moving forward and avoid distracting to see a word you do not know. The other way is to find the main idea, usually near the beginning of each new paragraph. Once you have seen the main idea, you almost do not need to read the remaining sentences.

Underline the specific information

This is also known as scanning, which can be used during reading and before starting to answer questions. When you find a person’s name, location, organization, underline. These names almost certainly appear in the question.

Take no more than a minute for each question

In IELTS Reading, 30 of the 40 correct answers are enough for you to score 7. You have to manage time efficiently, trying to answer all 40 questions, including the 30 most difficult questions. Do not waste a few minutes or more on a difficult question.

Make sure you do not run out of time by spending no more than a minute on each question. You can reread the difficult sentences at the end of the hour and solve them again.

5 tips for time management when doing the English test