101 English Idioms for Professionals

Hello students!

Today you’re getting a wonderful gift from an English teacher friend of mine.

It’s a free e-book that will teach you 101 English Idioms for Professionals. They are common expressions that are used by native speakers in the workplace and in many other situations.

You’ll learn phrases like behind the scenescome up shortin the weeds, and pull a fast one – so that you can understand them if you hear these expressions at work or in conversation.

Download your copy of the e-book here, and make sure to tell your friends about it!

101 English Idioms for Professionals

The author of this e-book is is Ryan from englishformydream.com – he’s an American man who has several years’ experience teaching English in Korea, to students ranging from kids to teenagers to businesspeople in companies.

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I hope you enjoy the e-book and have a great day!

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101 English Idioms for Professionals