Nirvana – Rome, Italy ,Teatro Castello 1991 (pro-shot) DVD

Nirvana - Rome, Italy ,Teatro Castello 1991 (pro-shot) DVD

Nirvana – Rome, Italy ,Teatro Castello 1991 (pro-shot) DVD

Source: PRO #1a – professional video
Length: 54 mins – incomplete

Transfer 2
Generation: TV>VHS(1)>DVDR with alt audio, “On A Plain” (PRO #1b stereo sbd)
Transferred by: Tim Hall
Video: 8 mb/s average (PAL)
Audio: PCM

Source: Pro#1a + SBD #1b
Generation: TV->VHS(1) + FM Audio

Equipment: Panasonic H583085 VCR (SVHS)->Canon MVX2501 (Analog Passthrough)->Firewire
Software: Scenalyzerlive 2.1. Cool Edit Pro 2. Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5.
Canopus Procoder 2. Sony DVD Architect 2.

Source List:
Video: Aneurysm: TV->VHS(1) (Paulo L.)
All Other Songs: TV->VHS(1) (Paulo V.)

Audio: Post-FM from best sources-
CD(M)->CDR(1) of “Seattle Sound Sounds Great” + “On A Plain”
VHS(1) audio used to patch any missing “between song” noise.

01 – Aneurysm
02 – School
03 – Floyd The Barber
04 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
05 – About A Girl
06 – Polly
07 – Lithium
08 – Sliver
09 – Come As You Are
10 – Breed
11 – Been A Son
12 – Negative Creep
13 – On A Plain
14 – Blew
15 – Rape Me (cuts in slightly)
16 – Spank Thru
17 – Territorial Pissings

The opening song, “Drain You” is missing. Audio from the performance of the missing song, “Drain You” is included as a bonus track on this DVD however.
This is an excellent pro-shot which has great shots of all members. The picture is very dark at times though. The picture quality is very good but does appear a little grainy during some shots. The audio is soundboard and of very good quality.



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