David Bowie – Live New York City, NY 1997 (pro-shot) DVD

David Bowie - Live New York City, NY 1997 (pro-shot) DVD

David Bowie – Live New York City, NY 1997 (pro-shot) DVD

(DVDfull pro-shot)

GQ Man Of The Year Awards 1997 (unreleased proshot)

Radio City Music Hall, New York, October 15th, 1997
Duration: 1:31:10
Data Size: 4.19 GB
Bit Rate: 6.58 Mbps
TV system: NTSC
Video Tracks:
224 MPEG-2, 720 _ 480, 4:3, 29.97 fps, 6.01 Mbps, upper field first
Audio Tracks:
128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 448 kbps

01 Always Crashing In The Same Car, 3:58
02 Panic In Detroit, 4:58
03 Waiting for The Man, 5:08
04 My Death, 8:48
05 The Jean Genie, 6:48
06 I’m Afraid Of Americans, 6:28
07 Seven Years In Tibet, 6:32
08 Looking For Satellites, 5:15
09 Under Pressure, 4:15
10 Fashion, 4:00
11 The Man Who Sold The World, 3:39
12 Battle For Britain (The Letter), 4:43
13 Stay, 7:35
14 Little Wonder, 8:19
15 Hallo Spaceboy, 5:24
16 Moonage Daydream, 5:44

What makes this video really cool besides the fact that it is David Bowie, a pro shot, etc etc, yours truly was in the audience. When they are playing “Little Wonder” you can see Revees Gabriel hold his guitar over the audience. I then smash all his guitar strings. Then he holds his guitar pick over the audience. Everyone grabs for it, he pulls back and then hands it directly to me 🙂 (it was just a regular pick, not custom or anything but a great memory) I told people that story for years, no one believed me. Then i came across this pro-shot of the concert and vindicated myself 🙂

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It is a great show. I feel it was right when Bowie was at his peak during the Earthling period. I heard they were supposed to play “All The Young Dudes” in a final encore, but too many people kept jumping on stage and the ended it early as a result. (no i was not the guy who jumped on stage and sang Moonage Daydream with Bowie, but i did contemplate jumping on the stage)

When they played Hallo Spaceboy, look carefully. People were passing around this confetti to throw on Bowie when he sang “Moon Dust Will Cover You”