Practical English: 1,000 Most Effective Words PDF

1983 | ISBN-10: 0345310381 | 343 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

From the Preface
Variety is the spice of language. The words listed in this book are not intended to replace those that most people use
most of the time. Rather, they are variations on the theme.
We tend to use the same old words over and over again, to limit our powers of expression by limiting our vocabulary.
There is nothing wrong with the “old words,” but why not enhance your speech and writing by learning to use “new”
ones from time to time as alternatives?
How often have you spoken of having an accident? Why not use the alternative mishap once in a while? Everyone
talks of the usual thing to do or expect. Might not one, to enrich his speech, speak of the customary thing? Or why not occasionally describe a situation as aggravated instead of worsened? ..


Practical English: 1,000 Most Effective Words PDF

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