Pocket Prayers eBook by Max Lucado

You’re going to love this eBook of 40 guided prayers that you can pray for any situation!

Now there’s just one more thing that you need to know…

Once you get your eBook, you’re going to want to get started right away on the prayer challenge. The key to improving your prayer life and succeeding in the prayer challenge can be boiled down to four easy steps:

Step 1: Set aside a time each day where you can pray for four minutes. 

In four weeks, that’s just 28 days to form a new prayer habit that will change your life.

Step 2: Pray with confidence.

Now, if you’re like me, you can identify the Max’s prayer wimp analogy. Sometimes, I just go through my wish list with God. Inside the Pocket Prayers book, you’ll find prayers for 40 days. Prayers that will help you engage with God at a whole new level and prayers for when you’re just stuck and don’t know what to pray.

Step 3:  Keep going. 

During your four-week challenge, you may be tempted to quit.  To help you stay the course, we will send you weekly emails written by Max Lucado designed to encourage you on your prayer challenge.

Step 4: Learn to pray on your own.

See, the pocket prayers are a great way to start learning to pray.


Do you want to know the keys to moving from a prayer wimp to a prayer warrior? Prayers don’t have to be complicated or complex… there are some simple ways to learn to have meaningful conversations with God!

That’s why you’ll want a copy of the companion book to the prayer challenge, Max Lucado’s Before Amen.

After reading Before Amen, you will:

  • Experience a heart connection with God instead of settling for a prayer wish list for God.
  • Release your prayer wimp self-image and discover confidence in your God-given prayer strength.
  • Overcome disappointment from unanswered prayers and trust that God hears you.
  • Calm the chaos of your world by embracing a prayer life that brings peace and rest.
  • Gain assurance by trading prayer uncertainties for the power of a plan built on Biblical prayers.

Reading the book is optional for the prayer challenge, but you’ll get so much more out of it if you have the companion material!

We invite you to learn more about Before Amen and take advantage of our special offer.

Save an extra 20% off the already-discounted price with code AMEN in the FaithGateway Store.  This is a great deal available only to our prayer challenge participants. Get all the details below!

That’s it for today… look for your Week One Prayer Challenge email from Max in your inbox tomorrow!

~Jaime Guthals, Editorial Director

Pocket Prayers eBook by Max Lucado

Pocket Prayers eBook by Max Lucado

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