English For You – EFU – Lessons English ( Beginner Level)

beginnersEnglish For You – EFU – Lessons English Level 1 (30 VCD)
English for you learning English is very easy with teachers Who are Professional in their field English For You is a three-level, video based, English learning set in DVD format. With the help of this set, you will be able to learn english at home.
English For You – EFU – Lessons English (80 Video) You can get this excellent English set, which has been prepared by worldwide famous linguists in a classroom ambiance and involves whole course curriculum, all in this DVD. In addition to this, with the help of the visual dictionary you would get familiarized with objects around you easily. Again, you can find the meaning of the unknown words by looking up the dictionary. You will be able to learn English without having to go abroad by the help of this set which is prepared by English Time and Atlas Education. English Education Set has been published. English Education Set includes 3 levels: Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate. You will learn English perfectly.
English For You is an English conversation video tutorials collection based on 3 main levels each divided to sub-levels that include all you need to learn about English conversation from A to Z.

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