120 Hour TEFL Course PDF


We are supporters of affordable education. Through kind sponsorship, we are able to provide our 120 Hour TEFL Course Book FREE to anyone that would like to benefit from further education and a clearer understanding of what is required of an ESL teacher.

Our course book will cost you nothing to download and study. If you decide afterwards that you want to take our exam and gain the required certification to become an ESL teacher, we charge a small fee to cover the costs.

We provide a full 120 hour, internationally recognised and accredited TEFL course (Teaching English As A Foreign Language). It covers all aspects of teaching EFL/ESL in any environment.

Students are able to download the course book FREE and can take their own time to study all of its modules.

Our course also includes the following:

Grammar Awareness
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching Business English
Teaching with Limited Resources
Teaching Large Classes

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120 Hour TEFL Course PDF